Komodo Top Blush Pink

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 Lightweight. Breathable. Stretchable.
Open knitted. Luxurious Vibrant Colors.
95% Combed Cotton 5% Spandex
Modern Cut. Leaner Slim Fit Design.
Silicon Wash for Enhanced Softness 

Blush Pink


WE ❤️ IT !! YOU WILL ❤️ IT TOO !!

It's all in the details.👇

Classic Neck

The amazing classic neck is designed for additional alluring sharp look and breezy comfort all day long. 

Balanced Shoulder

Tailored for a contoured, feminine shape, this top grips the body very well to combine style and simplicity. 

Curved Hem

It's a time less, clean-cut staple with an elegant curved hem making it a wardrobe tee for every woman. 

The breathtakingly beautiful Komodo pink beach in Indonesia has inspired this soft color. The top feature elegant and soft color taking a cue from the enigmatic landscape in Komodo. This top have been weaved with great attention to detail using the finest quality combed cotton. Wear this top and let your blooming personality do the talking.

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