The world is grappling with possibly the worst public health crisis seen in more than a century. The COVID-19 pandemic has gripped nations, compelling governments to impose countrywide lockdowns to contain the spread of the deadly virus. 

"We should fight COVID-19 by staying healthy and restricting the spread of the virus to others. We request everyone to contribute towards this cause so that people who are part of our daily lives get access to such important products."

Dear customers, we request you to please pour your hearts out & participate in this contribution. All you have to do is buy one garment that enables us to move a portion of the sale proceeds to the poor. You buy so much for yourselves, I'm sure you can buy once for the people.₹30 will be donated towards Covid-19 situation in PM CARE FUND for all order placed between 10th April -30th May. Let's help the nation together🙏

United we stand, United we fight !!

We know you have some question 

How do we Ship? 

All orders will be shipped as soon lockdown is over. All shipping will be executed via Air mode ensuring safety as the key purpose.

How you can get Refund & Returns ? 

Refund not applicable. However, returns would be permissible within the time frame of 14 days from date of receipt of product.

How you can Pay? 

We want you safe and with deep concern regarding safety, COD payment option isn't available. Contactless delivery across all order for the benefit of everyone.

How you can Contact Us? 

Customer support will be available via Instagram and Facebook. Feel free to drop in a message anytime.

How you get the confirmation for your order? 

All orders will confirmed from our backend within 24 hours and you will receive an email from the team confirming your order with contact number and office address for the peace of mind.

How money has been used? 

Sale value will be shared with all the customers with actual backend photos for the duration mentioned in the page. Along with it, we will share proof of evidence that donation has been transferred to PM care fund. Also, proof of donation will be published on all social media platforms and the website as well.

How will we donate? 

We’ll make donations in two parts from our proceeds on 5th June and 10th June with 100% transparency.


If you have any other questions, please reach out to


Now more than ever small businesses like ours need your support.

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