Wash less, wash delicately

When you wash the garments more frequently, it wears out faster. Wash your Togs & Terre apparels delicately by hand or in the most gentle machine cycle. Keep the washing time minimal to about 15 minutes. Always wash whites with whites and darks with darks. 

Easy on the detergents

A small quantity of detergent would set the things right. Detergents tend to clean a garment but takes the good stuff away. Do not places the detergents directly to the fabric since they can leave impressions. Wash the clothes gently. 

Hand dry

The high-grade fabrics used by us don't need spinning and drying machines to set them dry. Simply, hand or flat dry us. Avoid exposure to harsh sunlight, that can cause the color to fade. 

Correct grooming

Fantastic results hit with low steam iron when the apparel is still damp. Be careful about the neck rib and gently iron the most delicate part and avoid stretching the apparel. Wear me out and stand apart from the crowd.