Our Story

"Good for you and our planet"

Our search to re-define the essence of comfort has led us to uncover the unparalleled benefits of various cellulose that inherit multiple comfort tendencies. Easy on the skin, superbly soft, and highly breathable, these miracle plants produce one of the softest yarns available... and we fell in love at first touch.


We believe that beauty lies in simplicity and consciously keep our collection minimalist and versatile. This concept makes us stick to everyday essentials.

Everyday essentials are perhaps the most important pieces in your wardrobe and our mission is to provide you with modern, high quality basics that naturally fit who you are. Our timeless, durable collections are made to suit your everyday lifestyle and this is our design philosophy.

Wardrobe collection brings simplistic and elegant pieces directly from the brand to the customers eliminating the middlemen. This allows us to invest more time and money in providing higher quality products at fair prices.There's nothing complicated about it. Good wear, great outcome.


That's why we strive to produce thoughtful clothing that meets all your needs whilst being high quality, durable and sustainable. All Togs&Terre garments use high quality bamboo and micro modal that is evaluated and tested as per norms in laboratories and thereafter produced adhering to the highest standards for both the planet and our workers.

Smart comfort you can feel good about"

We live up to our convictions. It's about our air. It's about our people. It's about the world we live in. Our love for our beautiful planet demands participation to help reverse the decline in the health of our environment and its people.


We strongly believe that our customers have the right to know what it takes to produce what they wear daily. By changing our habits as consumers and educating ourselves and our communities we can all "be the change" needed to reduce the social impact on our planet.

From the initial phase that yield our exceptional fabric to the delivery of Togs&Terre into your hands, we're committed towards maintaining a responsible and transparent process every step of the way. Our objective: maximising positive outputs and minimising negative ones throughout the entire supply chain.

Conceptualized by two best friends who combined their passions for fashion and health to create an eco clothing brand with comfort, style and health at its core.

We want to bring you a true sensory experience in your everyday essentials, using natural materials that are in greater harmony with the planet.

Our worldwide headquarters are anchored in the heart of New Delhi to stay close to our roots. Our passion for people and the environment inspires us in everything we do. Our small team takes pride in making customers a priority and listening to your feedback is essential to us.

We're continually on the lookout to design new and innovative everyday essentials to meet the needs of our environmentally aware and health conscious customers who enjoy affordable luxury that doesn't cost the earth.

You're a part of our evolution. Help us write our story.